1. Alexey
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    My girl had a suspicion on a thrush. Have made analyses, have found a Trichomonas. Now apparently it is necessary to go to the doctor and me. Basically nothing disturbs me. The only thing, that seems to me, that I too often run in a toilet. Well gde-that time at two o'clock, time in the morning, before a dream and at night as a rule. But it was up to it or her.
    But I am am excited more with other question. She assures, that at it or her except for me nobody was and not up to me after we have started to meet. I precisely know, that at me except for it or her in general never was. Naturally we tried or tasted and without a condom from first day and practically every month. But problems at it or her have begun rather recently. Gde-that mesjats-two back.
    Question 1. Whether It is possible to define or determine prescription of disease at me and at it or her.
    Question 2. Whether it is passed trihomonioz sexual by and if it is passed as.

  2. Koblikov I.A.
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    1. Inconveniently
    2. It is passed through towels, belyo.
    3. Not the fact, that the laboratory diagnosis is established or installed correctly.

  3. Alexey
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    On medium. At me have found the same + chlamydias. Today was at it or him, has written out a heap of medicines including nyxes and suppositories. Speaks that in a combination with hlamidozom practically 100 % sexual by. At me signs practically any, only in a toilet I run enough often, but it at me some years. About myself I can tell or say from 200 % confidence, that up to this girl at all there were no sexual contacts any (well razve-that someone in a dream me that...), after it or her only with her. About it or her I can not tell or say from 100 % confidence, but I trust her. Speaks up to me was the virgin (and after the first certificate or act it or she not practically did not have a blood), after me with anybody.
    The moral party or side of a question just excites me most of all.

  4. Koblikov I.A.
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    And in vain. This girl not last in your life.
    Also what will be with confidence then?

  5. Alexey
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Understand the doctor, the matter is that I any more the boy. To me of 26 years. But it does not mean, that I any infantile, underdeveloped, is simple as that with women up to this age has not developed. And I just very much would like, that she was unique in my life. At such age ishcheshch not the girl-friend for the night, and sputnitsu lives. Besides campaigns to prostitutes or girl-friends for the night me never interested (well unless years in 14 16 when it would be desirable to rush on everything, that moves and has a vagina). And in general I never thought, that with me can happens such.

    Vse-taki life experience at me is also me certainly deceived though it happened or was possible very infrequently and never on large and I in general the person very suspicious. And my attitude or relation to the person seldom stirs or prevents to an objective estimation of its or his actions. I the person very self-critical and as I concern to another. But at such age already you start to understand people and having lived with the person together almost year, it is possible to make about itself the opinion. I understand, that " I understand people " is a concept indistinct and psychology in general a science inexact. I understand, that can deceive any. I understand, that any woman can change. Simply I cannot believe, that it is possible so impudently to say lies to face, to cry (she cried not iz-that I suspect it or her, and iz-that she cannot probably have children) and it or this it will not be appreciable.

    You certainly can think, that I have caught the first got which has given me, but actually I consider or count as its or her very good person and not only I. Everyone who contacts to her adhere to the same opinion. I certainly understand, that in a life there can be all and the person can skilfully play. But at such age and so it is able or skilful...

    I am not inclined to accuse only myself, but for the present or true moment I see some variants, illness or disease whence could undertake.
    1. Chronic disease, which at me since the childhood. Neither I nor my parents (at least how much or as far as I know) were never checked on presence of such infection. Those more, that in the childhood at me were inflammations of a urethra which treated potassium permanganate (last time in 14 years). And I for a long time have noticed, that often I go to a toilet (5 6) in day, sometimes and at night.
    2. A mistake or an error in analyses. Though it is an improbable variant. Did or made in perhaps most sereznom in Kharkov the center. Instiut immunologyes and microbiology it or him. Mechnikova. As I have drug-a doctor (the truth in other area) which has told or said, that an institution quite decent and specially any get on or climb there will not write.
    3. ZPPP from someone the third (though of it or this to think it would not be desirable).
    4. Infection at the gynecologist through instruments. She went both in stud and to regional hospital.

    But it is questions probably any more to you and to the family psychologist. It would be desirable to communicate and to it or him. Simply before nichinat treatment to me would be desirable to knock down some "worms" which gnaw me from within.

    ZY: By the way at it or her chlamydias have not found, the truth to her did not search a fluorescent method, and to me searched.

  6. Alekesej
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    One more question, already on your speciality, instead of from area of sincere experiences.
    The doctor has appointed or nominated for treatment following preparations Solkotrihovak, Meratin, Naksodzhin. prostatilen, suppositories with Methyluracilum. Flukonazol. Tykvovit, vitamins, a diet, continence.
    The truth I have not understood as continence immeetsja in a kind only the sexual certificate or act or an ejaculation caused or called by another by also?
    Me confuses only Solkotrihovak. In the first - he road. Vo-I esteemed the second about it or him in the Internet. It is written, that it or him apply to women. That you can tell or say in occasion of this preparation.
    Thankful in advance.

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