1. Victor
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Muzhiks, I in a shock! Up to what these women such mean happen! I for these vile animals do not find other words! Has met the girl but if to be more exact, on a flusher has found, has washed, has fed, has dressed, has learned to speak, go, correctly to behave in a normal society, has arranged to study in institute, has learned to drive avto and she has received the rights to driving and I have given her the machine or car to almost full order. And here after all it or this has started to notice changes in its or her behaviour and before the next business trip has put phone on proslushku. After homing I receive the complete set: the telephone information where in its or her eyes I the full idiot and loh which she has untwisted and on my money she poila the lovers, and my car have transformed in bljado/mudovozku! Can we and dispatch simply or deliver simply;have simply missed, but in some days it was found out, that some my things and at me trippak were gone! And here tut-that I have come off! I have easy asked it or her that she has put on and have left, but only in all. I certainly knew, that everything, down to a hairpin is bought or purchased on my money. I have broken from it or her all clothes, vytolkal on street, have tumbled down on a snow and have started to kick with its or her legs or foots! In a life never beat any woman, and here has received such pleasure! Now I have understood, that these mean creatures who are called women, well understand only a hail and pletku, and tenderness and caress with which I presented earlier they understand as an attribute of delicacy and lohovstva. I do not ask advice or council but only I warn men that they did not repeat my mistakes or errors.

  2. .
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Has received that has deserved. And how much women solve completely not female problems, skolkim it is necessary to pull out not itself, and the children after their husbands throw families for the sake of such from which you lived. You can and hold further in the arms or hand pletku, only hardly you should kogda-nibud communicate with the WOMAN. Success to you!

  3. Elena
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Women, men are people. And among them is both creatures and very decent or considerable. In a life you meet everyones, only people to see it is necessary, who from them who actually. In it or this vital wisdom. And all under one comb to level is to itself in harm - never anything costing or standing you will meet. And more I do not understand, what for someone on a flusher to select, whether people decent chto-a little.

  4. Egor
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Victor, admit (not to us-!), that were angry exclusively with itself - that so were mistaken.

  5. Olja
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Elena, gold words " And more I do not understand, what for someone on a flusher to select, whether decent chto-it is not enough people ". The pair or steam should be chosen from the circle. Certainly, there are exceptions of a rule, but select on a flusher the people who are not requiring gratitude can.

  6. The anonym
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Very difficultly after such to not become embittered, I do not accuse you. And you always felt the benefactor? The matter is that we like people for that kindly by which by it or him we do or make! The presented person only an occasion for self-affirmation Turns out, that, units are capable to like not the love, and other person! Certainly, it is possible to look through or miss a pettiness, to be mistaken severely, but something adhered you to a pettiness? When the rage will cool down, address on itself. I think, you were korystny. nesprosta this test has been sent to you. Time will show z and ch e m..

  7. Dmitry.
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    And could also in its or her prison to send for infection with venereal disease (I do not remember number or room of clause or article)

  8. Arina
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Most of all depresses that fact, that you, Victor, accept exception for a rule! It is assured, that 99 % of the women who have read through your report at conference, have thought about itself: " I never could so to act or arrive. It is impossible to live with the person, not only not liking it or him, but at all not respecting. And no money will help or assist with it or this! " I at least, have thought so! And this all completely not grandiloquent phrases is a truth! It is not necessaryl, probably TO SELECT the woman who is so far from you in the social plan. It also was your basic mistake or error. FAR NOT ALL WOMEN " MEAN CREATURES "! And these rare or infrequent copies of type of your young woman - not WOMEN! If will carry, you will manage to feel on yourselves - that this or thus such, the present or true female love. So, it is not necessary to warn all men around about female meanness or low act and insidiousness! Your case not so frequent as now it seems to you! All will be good! Success!
    P. S. But to beat the woman (any), probably, vse-taki it is not necessaryl! It d.. Below your advantage!

  9. I am to Arina
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Arina! Gallant or gallantly!!!
    You have really expressed ideas of 99 % of women!

  10. Alex
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    It completely agree, as though here who from women
    Did not try to hide the true face.
    nezametili the main phrase - on caress and kindly the woman responds not clearly than.
    Why here only I shall not understand. I think with me
    Men will agree all. Only when you show
    That you strong, that to you on it or her to spit,
    Only then she starts to turn around of you,
    To like, care.

  11. The anonym
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    And women always draws p about r about to! Very young cannot estimate or appreciate nobleness of thoughts, and the adrenaline does not whip! Time, experience is necessary, should grow brains. Still is plebeian, bydljanskie natures, there are shalavy unicellular, and times to it or this favorable now!

  12. The anonym
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Be not bound to stinkers and will not be lohami. There are many good and pleasant women, but sex and the bought or purchased love is necessary to you super. I do not believe, that the young beautiful girl is capable to grow fond of the person is much more senior than it or her. In soul or douche always there will be a disgust. It is possible to live together with gratitude and iz-for money, but always wait for change. And that that above you are dared or laugh bought or purchased and on a flusher found, to you a minus. Means respect have not deserved even at such as you consider or count creatures.

  13. DarkNoOne
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    I sympathize. To me too not ochen-that carries:-)
    But it is impossible to beat people.

  14. DarkNoOne
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    And the others... He-he-he... Whether It is impossible to philosophize less?

  15. Lera
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    If you do not wish to be duped henceforth, get or start to yourself " the creature grateful " - t. e. A dog, she never will betray and will like you eternally. And to the WOMAN you never also will not pull, most likely at you a subconscious inclination to bljadskim to natures. I know about it or this not ponaslyshke-the friend to my husband already which time " an awl on soap " changes, and that result zhe-magnificent branchy horns, a deer will envy.

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