1. Zilola, 31 years
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Hello the Doctor,
    I here a month continuously am am hurted with a head. 2 weeks ago cleaned a nose a cuckoo. But the pain all the same does not pass or take place. Have then made a picture the Computer tomography. On the basis of pictures of an ENT the doctor has diagnosed: a link sided chronic purulent genyantritis. etmodit. A curvature of a nasal septum. A chronic hypertrophic rhinitis. Recommended - endoscopic endonozalnuju operation from 3 stages.
    Whether prompt pozhajlusta it is necessary me to agree at once on operation or all over again to try to be treated by other methods, medicines?
    What medicines can recommend. I on the Internet have read through about medicine Sinuforte. Whether As you think it is necessary to try to undergo treatment this medicine? If I would be necessary could send for you a picture of a computer tomography. In advance thanks.

  2. Arhipova J.V.
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Dear zilola! You the whole month are excruciated from an inflammation in sinuses of a nose. Conservatively to you treated and have offered a small surgical intervention. To you after KT suggested to make a puncture (puncture) gajmorovoj sinuses? Quite probably, that there is a variant to spend conservative treatment with a lavage of a genyantrum antiinflammatory or anti-inflammatory substances mestno (through the catheter established or installed in a sinus). And easier or simply to try or taste various preparations without a high-grade complex of treatment I to you I do not recommend, the effect will not be. Though sinuforte a good preparation but to apply it or him it is necessary alongside with other medical manipulations and then the effect will be quickly visible

  3. Zilola
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    The dear doctor,
    Thanks for the answer. Yes to me prelagali to do or make a puncture. But I have refused. I have still read through on the Internet about treatment of a genyantritis by leeches. How you think in my case it will help or assist?

  4. Arhipova J.V.
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    About leeches I can not tell or say, in them I am not engaged. Why you are afraid of a puncture? In fact use anesthesia. The long inflammation in gajmorovoj can give a sinus serious complications (the forward wall of this sinus is "cheek", top - a wall of an orbit, bottom - the top jaw (bone), and a back osteal wall - for the brain is not located. If the inflammation from a mucous sinus will pass to any of osteal stenok - it will be very bad. High-grade complex treatment of a genyantritis is necessary for you

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