1. PoNy
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Hello, the doctor.
    1 year I every day (evening, night) smoked a hasheesh.
    Used ekstazi, amfitamin, not so often, but sometimes it could lasts for 2 weeks.
    I never could refuse narcotics, a measure did not know.
    In the summer I have moved to parents for a while.
    I live well, I try to not recollect about old, I study, go in for sports.
    But sometimes on target ezzhju there where earlier a vein, there there were friends.
    And again all repeats. Each time.
    The matter is that soon I again shall live one.
    And I am afraid, that all will begin on new.
    In fact nirazu to refuse I and could not.

    Yours faithfully.

  2. Dr. Davidov
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Certainly, you see what to be kept from the use of narcotics you, independently, not in force. Such people can far not all, can 1 of 10000. The foreign help which volume is necessary for defining or determining is necessary to you. It can be made only on internal consultation after the spent inspection. You need to address to the expert - to the doctor to the psychiatrist-expert in narcology.

  3. nedug142939
    Читатель Недуг.Ру

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