Тема: Kodelak

  1. Alko-Man
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    On eyes the pack kodelaka has got to me. In structure of has interested one moment - Codeinum. I have gobbled up two a pack. The effect soft, but is enough oshchutimyj. That releases or lets off, again covers. One disadvantage - toshnit is a lot of.
    There still korin solodki, a powder of a grass termolipsisa how such doses of these grasses influence an organism? It can from them toshnit?

  2. Dr. Preobrazhens
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Dear Alko-Man! You the dependent person: (and to you it is necessary to begin treatment, differently you and will search, that will get on eyes, next time other preparation will get to you, etc. Using these preparations you put or render an irreparable harm to the brain which under their action is gradually destroyed: (. Will choose for itself - to live a normal, high-grade life or to be the devourer of toxins, and not at the will. Cheaply, it is accessible, by the law it is not punishable, with identical effect is an eating excrements, in enough there comes the same effect because of a poisoning of an organism (toxic influence), by the way, a by-effect - toshnota.

  3. Alko-Man
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    The dear doctor! From what it is pores Codeinum it is considered toxin? And that cheaply are you in vain, not too cheaply. By the way, at us in strani Kodelak on the third place on prodavaemosti! How you think, why?

  4. Dr. Preobrazhens
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    I can judge by practical experience. As a rule many narcomaniacs at faults with deliveries of narcotics or absence of their opportunity preobresti, and often and at desire "vylechitja" it is independent preobretajut this preparation. And as in our country the percent or interest of the population, consuming narcotics accordingly and there is a raised or an increased demand for it or him is rather great. And in occasion of toxic influence - a poison or venom, we shall admit or allow gjurzy, it is very toxic, but it or him use for reception of valuable medical preparations since in the certain doses and reasonable application he benefits. And with other preparations. And, for example water - without which person cannot live, at a plenty of consumption harms. And even it is possible to sink.

  5. Аватар для johnwall Новичок
    I may take drug test, how many days does Kodelak (Codelacum) stay in your system after you take it? they both are illegal in my country so I need true answers.
    please help

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