1. Elena
    Читатель Недуг.Ру

    At me in 33 weeks in ZHK have found disturbance of coagulability of a blood and have given a direction on hospitalization. The analysis such:
    Thrombocytes in a venous blood 200/l in plasma 340
    Time of coagulation of 6 mines
    AVR 75 - 70 sec
    Index koaguljatsii/mines 1, 1
    Prothrombin ratio of 100 %
    The factor VIII 143 of %
    Fibrinogen 5, 5 g/l
    lizis euglobinovoj fractions of 20 mines
    aggregatsija thrombocytes ADF of 123 %; Ristomycinum of 123 %; a collagen of 121 %

    1) I heard, that for pregnant women of norm or rate above, than for healthy people. What norms or rates for them? The situation is how much serious, what complications can be connected with this disturbance? What are possible or probable complications from the treatment?
    2) I heard, that in some cases (gipergomotsisteinemija) treatment for the raised or increased coagulability of a blood can worsen a status only. Whether so it and if so, whether that it is possible to check up a level gomotsisteina?
    3) Me have told or said, that I can have a fetoplacental failure. Whether it is connected with change of coagulability of a blood? What inspections can specify or deny this diagnosis?

    It is in advance grateful.

  2. Nata
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    At me term same. Have made gemostaziogrammu (the same analysis). Many parameters have been strongly raised or increased, the conclusion was a trace.: rising agregats. Activity of thrombocytes in trombots. A part, and in a plasma part the index of thrombogenic potential is raised or increased. The doctor has registered Aspirinum, Trentalum, still something. All is counter-indicative during pregnancy. Therefore I have gone on consultation to the doctor to paid good clinic. She began to analyze the analysis. It or her has confused, that the part of parameters has remained in norm or rate and a placenta on US in norm or rate. She has told or said, that at such analysis it is necessary to do or make doplerometriju, besides US of a placenta, t. e. They look a blood flow in a placenta (whether he is slowed down), it is necessary to know also thickness of a placenta, a degree of a maturity. The blood flow has appeared normal. She began to ask, that I ate before the analysis. It appears it is necessary to exclude animal Adepses, not is absolutely calf, fruit yoghurts, t. To. In them many any additives that they had opredel. Taste, consistence and t. Item, only yogurt it is possible. Meat, a fish only not fat and boiled, either on pair or in an oven. Nothing is zharenogo. I so have sat couple of days on a diet, peresdala the analysis, and aggregation of thrombocytes became below norm or rate!
    As to norms or rates I know only, that the raised or increased coagulability should be before sorts or labors that there was no bleeding.

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