1. Elena
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Has handed over the analysis on ZPPP neznaju as is called have told or said that will define or determine disease on DNA, prompt please as he is called? Have found a clamidiosis, whether it is necessary to hand over still a blood, tear on the analysis?

  2. The good doctor
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    These methods are based or founded;established on detection of DNA of microorganisms in an investigated or a researched material (please, it is not necessary to confuse them to DNA - diagnostics of the person which is spent for definition of relationship or various genetic diseases, all this has no attitude or relation to our conversation). The Most widespread method of DNA of diagnostics is polimeraznaja chain reaction (PTSR). Under action of some reactants of DNA of the originator repeatedly increases and becomes or is enlarged and becomes appreciable for the equipment spending diagnostics. It is enough to be to only several originators in a test tube that the test has given a positive take. Accuracy of method PTSR for today makes 97 % - the highest accuracy in comparison with a microscopy which not always can give a right answer even on 60 %.

    One more positive moment PTSR-of diagnostics is that research of any material can be carried out, and it means, that the result of the analysis will be exact even if to carry out research literally in 5 minutes after the sexual certificate or act.

    Actually for today only PTSR can be a method of qualitative diagnostics of sexual infections which is reliable. Without dependence from in what establishment you have addressed to be checked up, I recommend to insist on carrying out of the analysis by method PTSR and if in it or this to you it will be given up, it is better to address in other place.

    Unfortunately, good it is necessary to pay for all, and the analysis on sexual infections method PTSR is not exception. The average price of research for 1 infection method PTSR across Moscow makes about 5 US dollars, and for full check it is required to make the analysis on 10 15 originators.

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