1. Lada
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Has transferred or carried anaf. A shock after intravenous introduction of a glucose. After delivery of tests reaction to all checked medicines has appeared is positive. Even from zelenki now a fever. Prompt, please, medicines are how much dangerous to me in a life: relatives forget tablets in a bread bin - I am afraid to touch bread, I am afraid to use the general or common products, utensils.

  2. Dmitry
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    To prompt here not so it is simple. Such consultations in absentia are not made. Talk to the treating allergist. The only thing that it is possible to advise, it to be more cautious. Your relatives and you should know as to render first aid. You with themselves always should have necessary medicines for first-aid treatment. Let your doctor will learn you to all.

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