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    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    the doctor! I here a year as had an allergy, firstly I did not know why it but then having observed then she appears I has understood that from , jam, a sweet. Firstly it were small reddenings on a chin, I began to smear , but in due course maculae have increased in sizes, it is necessary to eat as through what that time there is huge maculae on all chin and above, whether I am going to to get or start the child the allergy and will be passed him?

  2. Kartashova N.K.
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Hello, ! Probably, displays on a skin are connected with disturbance in -an intestinal tract, but is not excluded, what is it displays a dermatitis. It is desirable before you will have a child to find out the reason of changes on a skin. In 40 50 % of cases of display on a skin appear and at the child. Consultation of the allergist, the gastroenterologist, the dermatologist is necessary for you.

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