1. Tatyana
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Dear, Dmitry Vladimirovich!
    I thank you for the answer to my question from 09.05.03. About the possible or probable reasons of puffiness of the face. Under your reference I have handed over the analysis wet. All parameters in norm or rate, t. e. The suspicion on a renal failure has disappeared.
    Continuing searches of the reasons of an edema of the face I have addressed to LOR-to the doctor (t. To. There was a suspicion on a frontal sinusitis, also excluded after roentgenography). LOR-the doctor, having learned or having found out, that the edema decreases after reception Immunala, has advised to address to the allergist. I ask you to express the opinion concerning an opportunity of an edema as of allergic reaction and necessary inspections in this occasion.

  2. Brejkin D.V.
    Читатель Недуг.Ру
    Immunal allergic displays does not clean or remove. It in general adaptogen and on immunity he influences in the minimal volume. Descend or go to the allergist internally, whether on the Internet I can tell or say an allergy it at all or not. Try or taste reception Klaritina on 1 tab once a day (or Telfasta 180). In Peter can address in MNTK Allergotsentr, bodies 272 54 43. Success.

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