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A few words about the technique of "Living without BPH"

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One of the most powerful as the positive impact is the treatment of BPH by means of a special technique precluding the use of drugs, "Living without BPH" We offer on the website of the same name the body of knowledge can be considered to be an alternative to inefficient medical option for the manifestation of the symptoms of BPH, and in treatment of this diagnosis. The presentation is clear justification, which raises the credibility of the resource in principle. The author proposes to begin therapy with the removal of the immediate causes conducive to the emergence of benign prostatic hyperplasia. One of the key it failures in the functioning of the heart muscle and the cardiovascular system in General. Be preceded by hypertrophy of the prostate can both hypertension and hypotension, tachycardia or cardiac arrhythmia. Any of the following findings is accompanied by a failure of blood circulation with concomitant vascular contractions. If such spasms can cover the pelvic area for men, the probability of the onset of unhealthy symptoms in the prostate, incidentally, is not always painful.
Following provocateur development of BPH – abnormalities in the endocrine system (glands of internal secretion). Hormonal disruptions are not without reason to believe the source of benign growth of the prostate tissue, and medicines are relatively safe exposure to the imbalance of increto no. The only reasonable and without side effects intervention is possible via a clear, rational and balanced diet, exclude unhealthy foods and overeating, without the use of alcohol. Important for the stable maintenance of the body in a relatively healthy psychological tone (and quality of sleep, moderate mental and physical challenges, favorable conditions in the family and in the workplace). Naturally, sports activities and better physical therapy come to the fore. With the right approach, the activity treats.
Conclusion. Relief from symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia without psychological adjustment, without a scientifically based physical activity, without going on a diet is impossible. Any person not subject to external manipulation, with normal baggage level of knowledge perceives it as an axiom. However, the representatives of institutionalized medicine in the face of pharmaceutical companies and doctors in the vast majority, stubbornly unwilling to accept methods that violate their personal material benefit. Despite the benefits to patients, they are not only inconsiderate plant society of their own, albeit imaginary, the rules of treatment but trying to discredit any reasonable competitive innovations. Such actions often have the opposite effect, i.e. cause a distrust of doctors, especially after patients identify their helplessness.
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