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How effective is diet and exercise therapy for BPH

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If the disease is diagnosed, then one of the reasons for its emergence in the lifestyle, and in order to get rid of it should their habits change. But if everyone is saying that the diagnosis is incurable, and Your mind and willpower to admit that don't want healing process without the revision of priorities is unrealistic in principle. Treatment of BPH without surgery a healthy lifestyle – the procedure is not imminent, but the most reliable. At the initial stage of this process are a reasonable load in the form of running, walking, swimming, and perform special exercises. Exercise for prostate cancer offered on the website "Living without BPH" helps energize okoloplodnykh vessels, arteries and arterioles, thus improving blood circulation in the prostate area for a long time with all the positive effects. Body prostate washed by the blood, rich in oxygen, which in turn contributes to it is healthy of metabolism reactions in the stage of catabolism. Frequent provocation of such chemical influences with the extension of time for such incentives to treat the prostate.
Diet for benign prostatic hyperplasia, is the next (second) part of the treatment process. A reasonable diet is also a regulator of metabolism patient benign prostatic hyperplasia. Excess food, excess fats, carbohydrates, excessive consumption of animal protein contribute to slagging of the vascular system of the patient, overburdened the excretory organs, poisons in the form of carcinogens provoke disease-causing spasms, the regulatory function of the endocrine system is minimized. If the ill person is not aware of such damaging effects on the prostate, benign growth of the prostate tissue progresses constantly and unpredictably. In such a situation the probability of occurrence of malignant neoplasms in tissues of the prostate. At the same time, there is a certain category of patients, who seek the truth in therapy by frequent and excessively severe restrictions in the diet: Arising from these posts is lack of minerals contributes to, oddly enough, dehydration of the patient and, as a consequence, further disease manifestations, sometimes unpredictable. So the basic rule in diet mode at the diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia is reasonable moderation. It is necessary to emphasize that this postulate is far no the only one. A complete list of rules in the diet in the treatment of diseases of the prostate gland is described in non-drug methods of "Living without BPH".
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