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Factors contributing to therapy of BPH

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Treatment of BPH with a subsequent stable result is not a myth. It turns out that if at least superficially delve into reliable knowledge about the physiology of the body, and then try to understand their problem, the question: than to treat benign prostate hyperplasia? can be removed from the agenda on their own. The aging process affects all organs, and the prostate is no exception. With age as the blood vessels encompassing your prostate is getting worse (the main reason is hardening of vascular tissue), the appropriate wear is to be expected of the endocrine system. Such changes are most likely to provoke a benign growth of the prostate, showing the patient the unhealthy symptoms: pain, difficulty urinating, incomplete emptying of bladder (as a result of complete urinary retention). That is, the patient prostate, is the result, and in order to eliminate the negative symptoms you need to restore the blood vessels and heart, sexual differentiation, humoral regulation of body functions. Is this effect comprehensively. Here are the main factors.
· A reasonable diet exclusion from the diet products that are harmful to prostate
· Therapeutic exercise.
· Maximum redemption of adverse effects on the genitourinary system and the organism as a whole (nervous stress, harmful environment, vibration and the like)
Very clearly the set of measures described in the method of treatment of the prostate without the use of drugs "Living without BPH".
But it was not irreversible, neglected diseases, and classes in the scope of the proposed knowledge contribute to the rapid elimination of the reasons for the growth of benign tumors, and in its further reduction.
On the glands of internal secretion is affected by many factors. One of them is not only moderate, but harmless diet. It turns out that is detrimental to an unhealthy prostate supplements, nitrates, nitrites, benzopyrene are present in food everywhere. The volume of material contained in the content allows you to clearly understand the rules of detection of poisoned food, thereby, eliminating them from the diet.
In our time in order to get rid of the diagnosis, which many consider to be insurmountable in the future to be a healthy person, you must know a lot. The resource "Living without BPH" was created, probably with the aim to help patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia not only recover, but to have such knowledge in order to avoid health problems in the future and to help extend the period of active, full life.
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