Просмотр полной версии : Prosvetiti pozaluysta: chto takoe klitorniy orgazm i chto takoe vaginalniy....

24.05.2004, 23:31
Prosvetiti pozaluysta: chto takoe klitorniy orgazm i chto takoe vaginalniy. Spasibo.

25.05.2004, 12:04
Prosveshau: klitoralni orgazm-sami prostoi, ego legko dosti4, on ne o4. silni i dlitsa malo: (Klitoralni, kak vi ponimaete, ot slova "klitor", on dostigaetsa pri stimuliacii klitora.
A vot s vaginalnim vse slozhnee... Ego ispitivaet o4en malenki % zhenshin: (No zato kogda on nastupaet... eto 4to-to!!! Sodrogaetsa vse telo iznytri!
tak 4to staraites `:)) Vsego horoshego!!!

The anonym
26.05.2004, 06:44
klitornyj-it is reached or achieved at a masturbation, the girl can receive it or him itself, without the help of the man. And vaginalnyj-only during sex or with faloimmitatorom.

The anonym
26.05.2004, 17:35
Well then on zasypku: and what such a proctal or an anal orgasm? Who will educate?

26.05.2004, 22:06
To you yesterday have already explained are when after a long constipation there comes diarrhea! Well up to what blunt

The anonym
28.05.2004, 12:19
And it is explanatory or sensible have explained, that diarrhea comes only at ENIGMY-she spets on sulfur, and the moderator has wiped, has regretted I attract!!! At other people from ANALA plus klitor-superuletnyj the MULTIORGASM! So fuck, do not regret forces to give pleasure to liked people. Evident primer-attracting has not given in a spot, now wants, but it or her do not want tudi, here so she pines with melancholy, boredom and a dissatisfaction, and most of all what not poprobolala. All of pleasure of knowledge orgazmicheskoj discharges!

28.05.2004, 21:29
XXXYYY, ti ochen umniy naverno?!

29.05.2004, 14:59
Da samaea vumnaea! Umei za raz 5 clenov obslujit i zamet na 2 x eazikax, eshe ludei razvoju i mectau, mectau, mectau..., nadeus, cto za eto nicedo ploxogo ne polucu, a zrea nadeus (((